Cool candle store.

My brother, Jim, has started up his own business, so I’d appreciate any support that can be offered him.  He’s a great guy and I’m proud to help in any way that I can.  His store, Candle Parade, is just now getting on its feet, but keep an eye on it because he’ll be adding tons of new items over time like incense and other ideas for home decoration.

The candles currently available are very nice, of course, and would offer a relaxed atmosphere for meditation or just something to enhance the holidays (I personally like the rustic candles).  He keeps the prices low and offers free shipping, so what’s not to love?

Please, check it out.  And I’ve got it on the side bar under “The Best Stores” for future reference.

2 Responses to “Cool candle store.”

  1. I like to light candles when I have sex.

    Damn I’ve got to check out your brother’s store!

  2. Jerrod Balzer Says:

    Hot candle wax can come in handy during foreplay.

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