Livestock ’99 – How Robin and I got together

I’d like to offer a summary of my experience at Livestock ’99, which ends with Robin and me being a couple.

First, a little about Livestock.  It’s an annual festival in Zephyrhills, FL – just outside of Tampa – that may or may not be going on now as I can’t find a lot of info on the Net about it.  It took place out in a cow pasture and was hosted by Tampa’s 98 Rock, bringing in tons of bands such as Korn, Stabbing Westward, Type O Negative, Megadeth, Motley Crue… the list goes on.  Thousands of people would show up on Friday, set up camp, and party until Sunday night.  Think a modern day Woodstock, excluding the most recent Woodstock with all the commercialized crap.  Besides the sound of music and engines revving, the number #1 sound one would hear is men yelling, “Show your tits!”  And as the women gladly did so, the #2 sound was of cameras clicking.  Someday I’ll share what pictures I have from past Livestocks, but there won’t be many after filtering out all the boobies.

So in 1999, I was excited about attending yet another wild weekend, and I’d mentioned it in a chat room.  One 18 year old girl expressed interest in it and asked for more info privately.  Then she showed up on my doorstep – she’d looked me up and was there when I came home from work one morning, weeks before the event.  She also had a guy with her who was violating probation by leaving their home state.  So this freaked me out a little.  She said that if I let them stay until after Livestock, she’ll buy food and a keg of beer to take a long.

“And Goldschlager?”

“That too.”

I agreed, and it didn’t take long before my nerves were shot.  They were rude, obnoxious, not very bright at all.  I couldn’t wait to get them out of my house.

When it came time to go, I wanted to get there early to get a good spot in the trees.  The “trees” was a woodsy area where most of the fun happened, as opposed to the pasture area that provided zero shade.  Most people just flocked to the trees regardless of where they camped, so it’s nice if you can be there to begin with.  My other friends were running late, so I went ahead, figuring I’d find them later at the festival.  I was also going nuts from my “guests” and just wanted to hit the road.

We ended up in the trees.  I grabbed the bottle of Goldschlager and announced that I was going exploring.  The girl said she didn’t want to walk, so I said, “See ya.”  There was a dirt road going through the trees, and that’s where most of the traffic came through.  Besides the vehicles driving down it in search of clearings for camp sites, there were concession stands and a lot of boobies popping out.  I headed there.  As one truck passed by me, hands reached out and pulled me straight through the driver’s side window!  Then a tongue was in my mouth.  It was full of women, and during all that, I didn’t spill my Goldschlager.  Woohoo!

As night fell, I ended up walking around with those ladies, now with two bottles of alcohol in hand, and we just wandered everywhere – adventure!  When I got hungry, we came across a camp that was grilling chicken.  One of the ladies flashed her tits, and I got a leg quarter out of it.  They were very nice.

As the sun came up, I finally came across my friends’ camp, just outside of the trees, and cheered.  I was only there five minutes, though, before my jaw dropped.  “Robin?”  I hadn’t seen her in five years.  She had lived with me for a few months with her then-boyfriend before moving off to Michigan.  I thought I’d never see her again, but there she was.  The boyfriend had gotten into drugs really bad.  He’d had her dancing to make more money for bills, but would take the grand a week and blow it on more drugs.  She’d had enough and left, and her brother took her to Livestock to help forget it all.

I don’t know.  I hadn’t been attracted to her five years prior – she was just a great friend that deserved better than what she was stuck with.  And I’d been hurt enough times that I finally gave up being Mr. Sensitive and stopped worrying about relationships.  But there was something about seeing her then that created a spark in me.  I felt sober instantly and just wanted to hang with her from then on.  She seemed to feel the same way.

The ladies I’d been running around with split, so Robin and I spent the morning exploring, and we went to the concert area to watch Gravity Kills together.  On the way back, I was dying of thirst and wanted to return to my car for some water.  And she wanted to go back to her camp for a little.  We thought we could part for just a little bit and find ourselves again, but we’d lost each other for that entire day and night.  When I was at her camp, she wasn’t there, and vice versa.  It was a big place with a lot going on, so it wasn’t easy to keep tabs on everyone.  Well we had fun anyway, and were even more excited when we found each other on Sunday.  By then, we were pretty exhausted so we just hung out with my friends all day.

I told her about my situation with the Internet girl and her fugitive, and she sympathized.  When it was all over, I invited her to eat with my folks (she’d missed my mother’s cooking from before), and we were getting along so well that the Internet girl got the hint – hey, Livestock is over, buh-bye.

My birthday was a week later, and Robin painted a stained glass thing with a cat on it to give to me.  It was so sweet, and I still have it.  It wasn’t long before she moved in with me, and the following year, we came to Missouri together.  During that last year in Florida, however, we had some great times going to The Castle, attending concerts like my favorite S&M band (and now her favorite) Genitorturers, and just having wild parties at the house.

In the following years of living in Missouri, her schizophrenia gradually took over and that settled us down quite a bit, since she could no longer handle going out.  But hey, we’ve had more fun so far in our lives than a lot of people.  And it’s not over yet; it just switched gears.  For instance, if we weren’t stuck at home more, I wouldn’t be getting more writing done, and she probably wouldn’t be part of the Buffyverse.  So the insanity is only beginning, heheh (no pun intended).

6 Responses to “Livestock ’99 – How Robin and I got together”

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  2. Life is indeed strange, how it seems to come full circle without us even looking for it to do just that. It likes to smack us on our butt. 😉 Thanks for sharing your and Robin’s story, Jerrod. I think it is lovely. True love is never easy, but it is rewarding when the larger trials are past, and you’ve won the battle, still together and happy.

    Take care ~ Louise ~

  3. Aw, thanks Louise. And you mentioning true love reminded me of something. Shortly before going to Livestock, I’d eaten some Chinese food at work and my fortune cookie read, “Your next true love will be someone you already know.” I wish I’d saved it. But I kept racking my brain, picturing all the ladies I was friends with and wondering who in the world it would be. Heheh, when I ran into Robin after all those years, I was like, “Nah, can’t be! Could it?”

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  6. Donald hines Says:

    I miss livestock I’ve been to every one I lived in Zephyrhills 27 years. It was livestock ”99” we smashed all the windows out of my blue suburban on the main strip and still drove it all the way home west side of zephyrhills now known as wesley chapel wanting to find moor pictures always too drunk to take pictures

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