Robin’s descent part 1

Poor Robin has been sick for a week, and I think I’m starting to get it since my throat is getting raw.  So while I’m not feeling up for much else (at least until more coffee kicks in), I thought I’d tackle this long story.  There may be others dealing with something similar, so if it helps them, it’s worth it. (And fyi, I clear any personal details with Robin prior to posting).

Following up on how Robin and I got together.

When we’d gotten together, she had only recently been back to Florida.  She’d gone to Jacksonville with her boyfriend and another dancer that Robin worked with.  One night, Robin was drunk outside of their hotel and began to hallucinate that her deceased friend, Pete, was calling her into the ocean.  This resulted in her falling off of a seven-foot sea wall and into some brush.  A stick punctured her face, going right through her cheek, and once she was settled in at the hospital, her boyfriend took off with the other girl and all the money.

Her father – a really great guy – came up from Arcadia to get her, and she got a job living with an elderly couple while taking care of the wife.  Robin was having difficulty dealing with things, so that’s when her brother took her to Livestock to help forget for a weekend.  Robin and I were an official couple shortly after the event.

Her situation with the elderly couple was troubling.  She was to be there 24 hours through the week, and then she had to ask permission to go elsewhere on the weekends.  She also had to mow the lawn, cook supper for them, any chore that the husband could think of.  All for a mere $600 a month.  She loved the old lady, though, and enjoyed taking care of her.  But when the husband put one more chore on her shoulders – handing out the meds – she had to put her foot down.  She wasn’t licensed for such a thing, hired off the streets without prior experience or training as they only wanted someone to “be around.”  If she made a life-threatening mistake with the meds, she would be in a world of hurt.  Then, when the woman’s nurse came by to check on things, the husband told her that Robin refused to give meds, and the nurse threatened her, saying she’d report her if she didn’t.  Report her?  For what, refusing to do something that only a professional should handle?  She got the hell out of there, which broke the poor old lady’s heart (she died shortly afterward) but I think the husband is more at fault there – or was, I imagine he’s passed on by now.

That’s when Robin moved in with me.  I was working as a hotel night manager in Ft. Myers, and she got jobs at convenience stores and fast food restaurants.  We generally had our weekends off to throw parties, go clubbing, etc.  But I was noticing a pattern of not being able to handle her alcohol.  She didn’t know when to limit herself, drinking until she was belligerent on the floor.  She would accuse me of being just like her previous boyfriend, etc.  I’d dealt with enough drunken abuse growing up with my father, and wasn’t about to put up with it from her, so I eventually kicked her out.

She came back though, convinced that we were meant to be together and assured me that she would do whatever it took to stay with me.  I had been screwed over enough times that I’d grown used to just writing a woman off when I couldn’t take it anymore.  But she was the first to actually come back.  It was the first time that I didn’t feel like the only one trying to make things work.  So I agreed, and when my parents moved back to Missouri and I wanted to go along (I was tired of Florida and missed my home state), she joined us.


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