Wrath James White’s first Leisure title is out!

I wanted to congratulate Wrath James White on the release of his book, SUCCULENT PREY, through Leisure.  I first met him at the World Horror Convention in New York City, 2005.  I’d had no prior knowledge of him at the time, and he blew me away with what he had to say.  It was one of the most intriguing conversations I’d had at the convention.  He was mostly telling me about stories from his book, THE BOOK OF A THOUSAND SINS, which were very disturbing, but at the same time deep.  Later, I had to pleasure of sitting in on a reading that he did of his story, “Couch Potato,” also found in THE BOOK OF A THOUSAND SINS.  I was hooked.

He’s one of the most talented horror authors out there, and deserves the recognition he’s getting from the mainstream.  Earlier this year, we had him on the Metal Crypt, where he talked about his books along with many other interesting things.  Here’s the full interview in all of their parts:

So go pick up his books right now!  And don’t forget to get SLOPPY SECONDS at Skullvines Press.

3 Responses to “Wrath James White’s first Leisure title is out!”

  1. Got my copy of Succulent Prey in the mail last week, and so far I’m enjoying the Hell out of it. I had heard Wrath was pretty brutal, so I was looking forward to the book. I’m maybe thirty pages in and I’m not disappointed!

  2. […] Want an idea of what it will be like?  Check out the YouTubes of his previous visit HERE! […]

  3. […] out his first interview with Metal Crypt HERE from almost a year ago.  It still […]

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