Excerpt from Hallam Heathcoat’s NECROTICA

This book is so wild.  I can’t get enough of it.  Here’s a small taste:

I felt betrayed by God, but I climbed the steps to His church, opened the door, and entered the very place that should have been free of His wrath, though it was not.

When I found him, he was pale and panting, dreadful in his black robes.  His mouth was buried in an apple-shaped lump that oozed blood and pus on a dead woman’s neck.  His eyes were black and soulless; he watched me as he bit deeper into the lump, sucking at the heart of the wound.  His dark hair crowned him with a demonic halo and fell to his shoulders.   Once finished, he tossed the body aside and wiped his face with the back of his long, slender hand, the fingers tipped with frosted, claw-like nails.  “It is only an angel who is spared the taste of death.”

“Then I am an angel.”

He laughed.  “We are all angels here.”  He gestured to the fallen friars around him, dead or nearly dead, with bodies contorted to the position of prayer.

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2 Responses to “Excerpt from Hallam Heathcoat’s NECROTICA”

  1. Sounds like what happened to me yesterday.

  2. And you didn’t invite me?!?

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