Today’s funny Robin sayings

Heh, Robin says the cutest things sometimes.  This morning on the way to her doctor, she was gazing out the window at the snow and said, almost singing, “Flaky white stuff on the floor.”

Then, when we were seeing my doctor for my bi-weekly shot, I was asking the nurses if I’ll always have to deal with the effects, like feeling hot, anxiety, etc, and they were saying they should ease off in a few months.  Out of the blue, Robin says, “So then you won’t be such a bee-yotch?”  We all cracked up.  Later, I asked if I was really that bad, and she smiled.  “No, it was just fun to say.”

And today, she decided she wanted to make me some tea since I’d made her a bunch of cigarettes (we hand roll her ciggies – much cheaper), and she needed me to unwrap the plastic on the new tea box.  Some friends just gave us some awesome smoked deer summer sausage, so my hands were greasy while in venison heaven with a roll of Ritz crackers.  Because of that, I just told her not to worry about it, that I’ll get it when I’m done.  Afterward, I went to the kitchen to wash the knife and lock it away and saw that she had the tea boiling.

“Oh, you got the wrapper off?”

She said, “Well, I was having trouble opening it, but then I opened it.”

It may be corny, but she really tickles me.  The way she looks at me with such a sweet voice adds to it all.

2 Responses to “Today’s funny Robin sayings”

  1. Personally I think “Balzer” is fun to say.

  2. LMAO! And it’s fun to watch other people try to say it without being offensive. It sounds like it’s spelled, though, with “balls.”

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