What’s on the menu today?

Robin’s still sick, the cold medicine isn’t helping like it should, and I just quieted her down from yelling, “They’re out there!  They’re gonna get me!”

So, I’m not an awesome cook, but I work with whatever we have handy, and I’m breaking out the heavy artillery.  I’m boiling up some frozen chicken leg quarters.  When they’re done, I’ll strip the meat off and add what little is left of the Thanksgiving turkey.  Then I’ll throw in some extra chicken broth from the pantry, some Lipton chicken ‘n’ noodle soup mix, pasta, and a bunch of vegetables.

By golly, that oughta do something.  If nothing else, it’ll put a smile on her face.

3 Responses to “What’s on the menu today?”

  1. Go to http://www.kraftfoods.com Not only do they have a ton of recipes but they send out weekly emails and print recipe magazine 4 times a year. All their foods are designed to be easy to make (and while they always push you to use the name brand stuff you don’t have to.) Plus they have a phone number you can call and you tell them what you have and they’ll give you a recipe.

  2. Sweet! That’s a great idea. I’ll check it out. The soup I made was a yummy hit, btw. She loved it and we’re both stuffed. Now we’ve settled down to some hot chocolate and Polar Express.

  3. Jerrod Soup sounds like a sick day treat!

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