Cinema Knife Fight – PUNISHER: WAR ZONE

L.L. Soares and Michael Arruda are at it again at Cinema Knife Fight.  They’re a couple of the best movie reviewers out there, and now they’ve got me really wanting to see the new Punisher movie.  For the record, I never got around to watching the Lundgren film, and I enjoyed the Jane one, but this looks like the best of the bunch.

Read it HERE!

If you’ve seen the movie, I welcome your comments, as I probably won’t get to see it until it’s out on DVD.


4 Responses to “Cinema Knife Fight – PUNISHER: WAR ZONE”

  1. Thanks for promoting the column, bro. I really loved this movie.

    Hey – how do I add those Metal Crypt interviews to my WordPress blog? Can you drop me a line?

  2. Anytime, my friend. I really get a kick out of your reviews.

  3. Hey – your advice about posting videos here worked! Thanks, man!

  4. First off….Great Blog….!

    I won’t attempt an
    objective review. My knife is in it….LOL
    I loved the movie.
    It was made by hard driving people about a hardened character. who refuses to ignore the darker side of realitys we all face in today’s world .
    He has perfected the job of human trash removal .
    The word RELENTLESS (Websters Dictionary defines the term)
    re-lent-less; Unmoved by love or pity: Unceasing, as without mercy. Fits this guy to a T.
    Some people can’t stomach the truth that this character illustrates so well.
    Frank Castle is doing a job……he’s doing it because a million
    others who ‘s job it really is …are to soft, fat, corrupt , scared
    or lazy to do Justice.
    Frank does it without a mask or a cape, he says little about it because deep inside it hurts him to know that this is the
    only answer to a problem. Unfettered, the corrupt dish out untold human misery.
    Frank is the sin eater, the True Dark Knight.
    Unlike Batman, Superman, Spiderman and the rest of the comic crew, Frank Castle is a modern day Wyatt Earp.
    He promptly and effectively answers the call in the order received.

    When the smoke clears in the real human experience… comment remains… even though coined by a real life villain who’s idea of right was on Jigsaw’s side of the fence……. “Justice comes from
    the barrel of a gun”.
    It’s HARD, FAST and BRUTAL….but….TRUE.

    Could the movie have been better………of course, and Micky Mouse could have been better too.
    I think some exceptionally vehement anti Punisher War Zone Movie reviews….are based on internal Cat Fighting in the movie business,
    and let’s face it….Frank Castle is NOT Politically Correct.

    Thanks to Ray Stevenson, Lexi Alexander, Jon Barton and all for this Great Movie.

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