I’m a Dark Jester!

I’m proud to announce that my humorous horror story, “Wolf Plugs,” was accepted into the Dark Jesters anthology!  The full TOC can be found here and it looks like I’m in great company.  It’s due out through Novello Publishers in late summer/fall of ’09.  Thanks Nick and L.L.!


5 Responses to “I’m a Dark Jester!”

  1. Looks AWESOME! Congrats! Now that’s two anthologies you have work forthcoming in!

  2. I knew you were a dark jester, but now you’re telling me there’s more than one? Terrifying, yet funny.

  3. LOL!!!! This is what WordPress auto generated, link wise, for this blog post:

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * Black history in Montana
    * Coming up: BlackInformant.com book review–”From The Heart: Seven Rules …

    That really is a case of keywording gone wrong….

  4. Oh, and pointy, we’re here, we’re there, we’re EVERYWHERE! Mwahahaha!

    It’s a madhouse, I tell ya!

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