Thank you, Pointy!

Pointy has been a tremendous friend to us with all his support.  When Robin is in the hospital, he whips up some chocolate chip cookies to send her, and he’s showered her with awesome gifts.

You’re one in a million, bro!

Well, a few weeks back, I’d posted on my MySpace blog (before I started using this) about some problems Robin was having.  Here it is:


I’m exhausted after a long day of, “No Robin, there are no spiders on you.”  I know what’s causing it.  Her skin is dry.  Mine gets that way, too, when it’s cold outside and you have to turn the heater on.  You get those sharp stings all over your skin.  Me, I scratch a little and find some lotion.  Robin screams about spiders and cobwebs all over her and the house.  I helped her with lotion and that did the trick, but she’s just so convinced.

Yesterday it was snakes strangling her in bed, and the day before that, monsters were crushing her head.

Well, the change in season has a rough effect on schizophrenics and Robin is no exception.  I’ve just been cooking her favorite food and trying to be there for her, her voice of reason.  And yes, the Buffy comic still helps a ton 🙂

She’s napping now, so I get a breather.  Heh, maybe I’ll take a nap, too.  The keys to everything dangerous (pills, knives, household cleaners) are dangling around my neck, attached to a Dark Horse keychain (came with the prizes), so I can sleep knowing she can’t hurt herself.  That said, I still wake up to any noise – you never know.

Update:  Since I posted this, there have been snakes in the kitchen sink and then more cobwebs when she went to bed.  Poor thing.  I crawled in bed with her and we played with Opal, our terrier mix, together.   Opal was bouncing all around on top of us, so we took turns going “Oof!” but it got her mind off of things.  Then she couldn’t sleep so I baked her a small pizza.  She seems okay now.

We’ll see about tomorrow.


So guess what arrived in the mail today.  A really nice humidifier from Pointy!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!  I turned it on in the kitchen just outside where she sleeps.  It’s the driest part of the house and already there is a huge difference.  Robin is thrilled with it!  And me, too, of course 😉

Also, a box came in the mail today from Amazon.  We open it up and behold!  A gift from Pointy!  You’re spoiling Robin, heheh, but she’s easy to want to spoil.  Since this one (it looks like a movie) is gift-wrapped, she asked that I put it under the tree, so we’ll find out what it is then.  Buying Dark Knight was our Christmas gift to each other, so this gives her something to look forward to come Christmas.

Due to conflicting schedules, we’ll have our Christmas on Friday when our nieces and nephew can be here to open the gifts we have under the tree for them.  I wonder if she can wait that long for hers, lol.

Thanks again, Pointy.  That was very generous of you.


4 Responses to “Thank you, Pointy!”

  1. Aw shucks, guys, at Christmas time we all deserve humidity. Just minding the Minder! You two are a tremendous inspiration to me, and that’s a priceless gift. Stay you, you two!

    Very Merry!

  2. Dammit, Jerrod you got me all misty eyed at work! And huge props to Pointy for being a true friend!

  3. That is really bizarre, Jerrod. My little girl had a hang nail come off and it bled some. She said it didn’t hurt at all, but she was terrified that the blood was going to make the spiders come out, and they were going to bite her and drink her blood.

    Even more bizarre was that a few night ago she woke ME up from a dream where dog sized spiders were attacking me, crying because things were biting her.

    We also just spoke with a friend whose 2 year old had surgery (to help his second testicle descend) and afterward the child was terrified of “the big clock in the sky” that “was going to get him”. It’s strange how these sensory things and half-memories haunt us in our waking moments.

    Have you all ever tried some of the OT methods they use for autism? When my son gets over stimulated he wraps himself up in a blanket tightly because it literally soothes his nerves. He’s also a big fan of stress balls and those squishy water filled things, and play dough because the sensation of pushing on and squeezing those things distracts the nerves in the rest of his body. It doesn’t work for long, but long enough to help him calm down so we can distract him. Perhaps it would help Robin as well.

  4. Actually, Michelle, there are a few things that seem to help. One is she wraps a big rubber band around her wrist (not too tight) and then snaps it against her skin. It’s something they’d shown her at the clinic.

    Another thing is, when she complains of bugs or snakes on her, I rub her arms briskly and tell her that this is me touching her. It helps her concentrate more on me, just as snapping the rubber band distracts her from whatever else.

    So that’s a great point you made 😉

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