A warning about PediPaws

We picked this up at a store, concerned at first that our dogs wouldn’t let us use it. They’d been abused as pups and were very timid. Then we saw on the box where it says “Quiet Motor” and “…gently file your pet’s nails.” Unfortunately, there’s nothing quiet or gentle about it.

It’s a little grinder – that’s all there is to it, and a metal workshop grinder runs quieter than this thing. Furthermore, the vibration puts female toys to shame.

We went to their website and followed the video’s instructions. We got the dogs used to being around it while it was turned off. Once they seemed comfortable, we turned it on. After a good while, one of them got used to the LOUD noise but the other wouldn’t be in the same room as it. After several tries, I tried the more direct method on the most timid dog as the video instructed (laying across the dog to keep them still). The moment the grinder touched her claw – for barely a second – there was a god-awful sound similar to sharpening mower blades. Needless to say, the poor thing freaked out and I wasn’t about to put her through it.

So I had the other dog come up to me, the one that seemed okay with it. He hopped up on the couch and showered me with kisses. He even put his paw in my hand. But as the grinder came closer and he felt the vibration on his paw (before the grinder was anywhere near the claw), he growled and snapped at the thing.

So I think it was very misleading with the whole “quiet” motor and “gentle” method of filing. We have some friends that have some very old dogs that lay around all day. It may work okay for them, providing the noise doesn’t give them a heart attack.

6 Responses to “A warning about PediPaws”

  1. That’s messed up.
    Can you inamgine if that tool was for a female?
    She’d feel the vibration before it touched her sweet spot.
    Although, that might be a good thing. LOL

  2. Damn. I was thinking of getting one to trim the rat’s nails. No way! They’ll jump ten feet at the noise. LOL 😀
    Thanks, Jerrod!

    Take care,

    Louise ~

  3. Thanks Jerrod. There’s no way Miss Kitty Thing would go around something like that. So much for bright ideas, yes?

  4. Did your dog punch you in the nuts again, as a form of retribution?

  5. Damn straight, she did!

  6. At “Teh Mart” I had a customer walk into the pet section looking for this. I wanted to blurt out “It sucks” but was afraid management would come down on me for blocking a sale.

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