Illegitimate children?

Sometime in 2001 and 2003, Robin and I visited Colorado Springs, Robin’s birthplace, and we took special interest in Pike’s Peak and Manitou Springs – gorgeous places!

And I may or may not have played in the bushes with some very hot – yet hairy – humanoid creatures while there.

So could these be big Balzer babies running around?

Regardless, you see part of my appeal for writing some of the stories in I Was a Sasquatch Sex Slave.

6 Responses to “Illegitimate children?”

  1. Look, I want to comment. The whole world wants to comment. Just can’t get the Big Balzer Babies link to work.

  2. It works for me, which only proves that they’re MY Bigfoot offspring running around Pike’s Peak. I’m a sucker for the hairy ladies (all-over) but don’t tell Robin. She thinks I’m weird enough.

  3. I Googled “Sasquatch babies.” I regret it.

  4. And, dude, you may talk all wild, but I know that deep down, you’re a one-species man.

  5. Who told you about the gerbils?!?


  6. We did that trip sometime in the late 1990s. The donuts at Pike’s Peak are to die for, and they let you keep the coffee mug as a souvenir. Manitou Springs is charming. I have fond memories of one restaurant there that served punch bowl sized margaritas. Cave of the Winds was a nice side trip, as was the cavalry museum on the army base. I still have my Air Force jacket that I bought at the AF academy bookstore.

    The baby sasquatches are all hiding in Garden of the Gods. 😉

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