I’m going to the hospital

I’ve had excruciating pains in my back for a week now that just seem to be getting worse.  It took me an hour to get out of bed this morning, and that was with a lot of screaming, so my mother is coming up to help take me to the emergency room.  She’ll make sure Robin is watched over, as well.

Everyone, keep an eye on the interwebz while I’m away 🙂

Update:  My mother called the hospital first, and I’m glad she did.  They don’t have an osteopath or back specialist handy, so they said they’d just take some X-rays and give me some painkillers.  That’s not worth the emergency room bill.

We called the clinic I go to.  Nobody there.  We called my previous doctor’s office.  Nobody there.  Newsflash to the medical centers out there.  It’s not New Year’s anymore!

Well, a very good chiropractor said he can see me at 3pm.  Hopefully it’s just my hip is out again, and it’s playing hell on the muscles around it.  It does feel like it’s twisting around.  This chiropractor is cool as hell.  He works on the Amish around here, as well, including their horses.

Update:  And now Robin has twisted her ankle and fallen down.  We’re cursed, I say!  Well, maybe we can get all the bad shit out of the way in the beginning of the year.

Final update:  Okey dokey – yep, one leg was shorter than the other because my hips were out and twisting my lower spine.  So I’m straight now, but the muscles behind my legs feel like they’ve had a charlie horse from all the straining of awkward standing/walking.  I feel like I’ve been assaulted by someone who thought I had perty teeth.

5 Responses to “I’m going to the hospital”

  1. A year that starts with pain is thereby disaster-proofed.

    Hope y’all feel better soon!

  2. I agree with Pointy!

    All the best, Jerrod.

  3. Thanks, guys. I think it’s going to be a great year full of excitement. We had a fantastic holiday, so I figure it’s the yin and yang balancing out.

  4. Yup, it’s all to make you appreciate the great things coming your way!

  5. I’m glad you’re okay Jerrod. Jason has spine problems so when he has to be seen because the pain is so bad it’s because his vertebrae are rubbing on his spinal cord. So I worry when I hear “back pain”.

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