Good times at VisionCon!

Wow, VisionCon was great!  The folks were cool and everyone running it were top notch.  Thanks again for the invite!

Pictures will come later, but here are some fun highlights:

By the time we’d reached Springfield, MO, I was pretty hopped up on coffee and energy drinks, and my mouth was running a mile a minute about everything. Case in point:  We stopped at a convenience store for a bathroom break and appeared to have the restroom for ourselves.  I made a beeline to the only toilet stall, and my comments went something like this:  “I like the tile designs on these walls.  This is a nice bathroom.  It smells like coconut!”  Grunt. “Now it smells like coconut and shit, heheh.  Oh man!  There’s no toilet paper in here!  Shit!  And now I just ripped my pants.  Damn it!  What the hell?”  When I stepped out of the stall, Scott and Bill (Half-Ass Avenger) were gone and two old men were glaring at me.

Then we got to the con and proceeded to have a blast.  Our first panel was with Brian Keene, Cullen Bunn, Mike Oliveri, etc, titled, “How writers party at a con.”  The guys already had beers and I brought out a bottle of Knob Creek, so we kicked it off right.

Saturday, we sold some books, did some more panels, and met some really great people.  There was one point where I asked some ladies dressed as princesses to help me start a mosh pit.  They didn’t want to.  In fact, they ran away.

We also judged a masquerade and had a fun time doing that.

Thanks to all for showing up and hanging with us, and here’s a BIG thank you to our gracious hosts for running a fun con.  I hope you all got some much-needed rest afterward.

One Response to “Good times at VisionCon!”

  1. Fantastic! (And the bathroom scene needs to be adapted for a novel, IMHO.)

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