Sssshhh… don’t tell Robin

Today we had a good day.  Robin had a few episodes but they weren’t severe.  We’ve actually had a pretty bad week or so.

We watched the movie Groundhog Day which is awesome and we try to make it a point to watch it every Feb 2nd.

My brother, Jim, also stopped by and we had a nice visit.  He’s added a lot of new things to his store, Candle Parade, so please check ’em out.

So what’s the big secret?  Okay, I’ll stop rambling and tell you.  Next Saturday, the 7th, is our anniversary.  We will have been married for six years, and as of next May, we will have been a couple for ten.  For the occasion, I ordered this really cool package from  Check it out!

We love their vampire wine, and we’d love it even if it wasn’t all Goth.  It just tastes so good!  Robin isn’t supposed to have alcohol or even caffeine, but a few sips on special occasions don’t hurt.  You know, enough to enjoy the flavor and maybe get a mild buzz.  The Belgian chocolate should really please her, as well.  I thought we’d watch the movie Cassanova with it.  Heath is very cool in it.

It may or may not get here in time for our anniversary, but it should for sure arrive between then and Valentine’s Day a week later.  So I think I’m covered, lol.  I’ll also take her out to eat after seeing her doctor on Thursday.

4 Responses to “Sssshhh… don’t tell Robin”

  1. Awesome planning, uber-hubby Jerrod! Congratulations on 10 years as a couple/6 as a married couple! All happiness to you both!

  2. Congrats on the anniversary!

    Belgian chocolates! (Godiva?) Another thing I miss about Europe. =(

  3. LMAO! Rich, I just looked at the back of the chocolate bar. Mfg. by Totally Chocolate in Blaine Washington. They make personalized Belgian chocolate bars. We’re going to try it tonight. She decided she wants to watch Annie (the 80s one) while we enjoy it and some wine.

  4. And thank you, pointy!

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