Funny Robin sayings.

I will get back to “Robin’s Descent” – I promise!  But until then, here’s a cute conversation we had today:

Robin says, “I had a cool dream last night.  I was back with a bunch of friends from school, but Ross and Phoebe from Friends were there, too.  We all skipped school and hung out at the Ft. Myers mall.  I had fun!”

I smiled.  “That’s great!  I like dreaming about old friends.”

Then she looked puzzled.  “But there’s this one where I can’t remember his name.  It starts with a ‘B.’  Can you help me think of it?  Tell me first names of guys that start with ‘B’ and it’s not ‘Brian’ or ‘Ben.'”

“Okay… um…”

“And it’s not ‘Brent.'”

“How about ‘Bill’ or ‘Bob?'”

“No, it’s not those.”

I scratched my head.  “I can’t think of any.  ‘Buttermuffin?'”

“No! hahaha”

I start to go to another room to do something, when she yells, “I know!  It was ‘Chris!'”

LOL!  I’m glad she figured it out, though.

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