The Metal Crypt has a new site!

I’ve created a new WordPress site for The Metal Crypt which can be found HERE.

It’s still being worked on, but most of it is there.  You’ll be able to watch videos of past interviews, keep an eye on updates, and check the guest schedule.  There’s also a “Play” button where you can tune in to Hard Rock Radio Live directly from your computer using programs like Winamp or Windows Media Player.

Also, due to growing popularity, the show has been expanded to 3 hours!  It will now air live every Wednesday from 3-6pm EST.  This allows for more craziness, more metal, and more diverse guests!  For instance, we might have an author on and then a musician on one show.  And we’re getting quiet the lineup of guests built up, like members of Queensryche.

So keep checking it often for any changes, and if you’re a fan, I appreciate linking to it and spreading the word.  Thanks!


And so you don’t have to keep hunting this post down for a link, it’s been added under “The Metal Crypt” to the right.


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