Robin lost her memory

As I was tucking Robin into bed tonight, she asked me who I was.  It’s not the first time, but it’s just so weird.  I had to explain who I was, where she was, who she was, and tell her the names of our dogs.

I sat with her for a bit until she started to doze off, and she’ll be okay in the morning.  There’s always that fear, however, that she won’t.  In the past, she’s reverted back to being twelve years old, asking for her parents and recalling friends that she had back then (but don’t remember now).

The mind is a funny thing, and we’re totally at its mercy.

2 Responses to “Robin lost her memory”

  1. pointy07 Says:

    Man, I am so glad she has you to look out for her. Even if part of her mind doesn’t remember your name, she knows she is being taken care of by someone who loves her. Even if she gets disoriented and (therefore) frightened, part of her knows you are there to protect her.

  2. Yes… your kind care matters.

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