Update on Robin

Hospital update.

They’ve been working hard with her, and when I speak to the nurses, they seem really nice.  She’s still having episodes, though.  Of course, they can’t be expected to just disappear, but less frequent than lately would be great.

One time that I called yesterday, she sounded half asleep, saying that they gave her something to calm down because of an episode.  She naturally didn’t remember it so I had her ask someone what she’d done.  She had gone into the activity room, knocked all the chairs over, and threw jigsaw puzzles on the floor.  She had knocked kitchen chairs over at home before, upset that there was nothing in the house to cut the voices out of her skin.

Then today, she was telling me that spiders were everywhere and there were scary trees across the street – she could see them out the window.  She said she wasn’t afraid of the trees, though, because she was far enough away from them.  She was concerned about the cars parked them, though.

Anyway, I assured her that she was safe and there were no spiders.  She agreed and said she wanted to come home.  She’d been hoping to leave Monday, but I doubt that will happen since she’s still having problems.  I want her to come home, too, but her doctor needs a chance to help her first (limited visits over the weekend, allowing a new medication to get in her system before it starts working well).

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