Whoa, freaky dream…

So I got to sleep last night at around 3am and, after plenty of restless night’s, I slipped into a mini-coma.  And I had some weird, weird, vivid dreams.

I was with this small group of guys, partying our asses off before going to Europe to join in on WWII.  This one guy just got back from there and was so loaded, he just kept passing out all over me.

We had a blast!  We were at a party in a big castle, the street of a small town, and a haunted convent.  Lots of cool stuff, nonstop.  Then while taking a piss break on top of a hill, a swarm of British soldiers came marching up and all around us.  And before I could think, “What they hell are they doing here?”… they all turned into characters from Star Wars, Star Trek, and various superheroes.  Instantly, Dr. Manhattan teleported us (including himself) to Germany to fight the Nazis.

The little group of us were too drunk and freaked out to react right away, but then one of the guys got excited and ran to join in on the fighting.  He ran out after a bunch of Nazis that were gathered together, and Dr. Manhattan kicked him into them.  The Nazis all fell down and the guy started hopping around, cheering.

Next we were gathered together again, and the doc put one of those glowy spheres around us.  Apparently, we pissed him off somehow and he wanted to punish us.  He kicked the sphere, sending us flying off to another planet that was like one giant, Lovecraftian funhouse.  There were screaming crypts with tentacle teeth dangling from the doorways, things like that.

We were all like, “Cool!”  And suddenly I felt detached from it all.  I looked around and said, “Where’s Robin?”

Then, in the real world, the dogs had waited long enough to go potty and started barking at me.  I woke up and let them out, then squinted to look at the kitchen clock (I wear contacts, blind as bat without them).  I thought, No way!  Surely it’s twenty after 10am, NOT ten ’til 4pm!

But nope, I’d slept until 4 o’clock.  Well, I feel more refreshed than normal so I guess I needed it.  I called Robin at the hospital and she’s feeling lots better.  She’s hoping to come home tomorrow.

I told her that Pointy has a batch of homemade cookies on the way to her, filled with the biggest chocolate chunks he could find, and she said, “Cookies?  All right!”  Thanks again, Pointy 🙂

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