British Fantasy Award longlist – Robin’s in there!

Well, sort of.

I was looking through the British Fantasy Award longlist, and I saw that under the Best Comic/Graphic Novel category is Buffy Season Eight Vol. 2: No Future for You, by Brian K. Vaughan/Georges Jeanty.

First off, congratulations to Brian and Georges, and good luck.  Second, this volume has the #10 issue at the end, the one with Robin’s appearance.  So I thought that was really cool.

Anyone who missed getting the comic when it came out can hunt this down.  The Faith arc, “No Future for You,” is a great read and worth picking up, regardless.

2 Responses to “British Fantasy Award longlist – Robin’s in there!”

  1. pointy07 Says:

    Robin’s guest star turn is THE highlight of Season 8! She belongs in there with the Faith arc, which was a lot of readers’ favorite.

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