Round Robin for Boo

A friend of mine, Bruce “Boo” Smith, was suffering horribly (I’d rather not get into the details) and he called me up in December of ’07.  He was more concerned about my health when I’d mentioned I had edema in my left leg.  See, his problems had started that way until his entire body was affected.  He wanted to stress to me the importance of exercising and keeping it in check.

From there, we had a nice conversation about things like H.P. Lovecraft (he’d given me some books by HPL when his eyesight was too poor to read them anymore, and I still cherish them) and we discussed near-death visions.  I told him of a weird dream I’d had as a kid that was so real.  Someone brought me through a tunnel, and then I was standing in a long line on a path made from a mountain ledge.  Everyone was naked but no one seemed to care.  The mountain was kind of a crescent, encircling half of a beautiful garden, then winding around out of sight.  Beyond that, there was extremely bright light, but when I reached that corner, they said they’d made a mistake and I woke up.

Cool dream, but he said he’d been seeing the same thing lately!  The only difference is that he could see beyond that point.  There was a vast city of light with a huge library.  It held every book in the world and he had no trouble reading them.

He said he thought he would die soon and seemed relieved that maybe the place really existed, since our stories were so similar.  He eventually had to hang up because he was getting too short of breath.  He passed away late that night.

He had a TON of friends – touching many hearts with his funny pictures, etc.  Such a gentle soul.  His MySpace page is still around, by the way.

So a few years ago, I participated in a round robin story.  For those who don’t know, that’s where someone begins a story, then another picks it up from there, and it’s passed around like so until it’s finished.  You never how it will end up.  One day, it was brought up, wondering what was to come of it.  I suggested just making it available for Boo.

Thanks to Nanci at HorrorWorld, it is now available to read for free.  There is also a donation page because Boo’s mother is still struggling with his medical bills.  You don’t have to donate to enjoy the story, but I’m sure anything at all would help.

CLICK HERE to check it out, and by all means, spread the word about it.

We miss you, Boo.  I hope the story shows up at your library.


One Response to “Round Robin for Boo”

  1. pointy07 Says:

    A beautiful vision. Thinking of Boo.

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