Showing off the Buffy stuff.

Hey!  We were very surprised today to receive some artwork in the mail from Dark Horse.  They’re original art boards from three pages of Robin’s comic, signed by Andy Owens!  Wow, we’re totally blown away.  Some friends are hoping to see pics, so while I was at it, I took photos of the other stuff that we’re so proud of.

I did it in a hurry so they may not be terribly clear, but you’ll get the gist.

First, here’s what we got today (so awesome!):


Here are three framed posters and a photo that I’d bought her years ago to help when she’s not watching the shows.  I mentioned them in the winning essay, and they’re signed by the main cast plus several actors/actresses from throughout the seasons:


I need to take that one out and fix the waves.


Just under the “N” and “G” in “ANGEL” is Andy Hallett’s siggie (RIP)


Firefly rules!  And Summer is extra cool.

And here’s the photo, coupled with the first issue of Buffy Season 8, signed by Joss Whedon.  He wrote, “Dear Robin, Looking forward to seeing you… in Issue #10!  Bestest, Joss Whedon.”


Here’s the Buffy Season 8 #1 lithograph signed by Jo Chen:

Buffy Season 8 #1 signed lithograph

Here’s a gift from Pointy!  He had Jo Chen sign a copy of issue #10 to both of us.  Thanks again, Pointy!


And finally, here’s our little book shelf with the DVDs, books, etc.  There’s a big file box full of Buffy and Angel comics (ever growing) but I didn’t take a picture of that since it just looks like a box full of comics.


7 Responses to “Showing off the Buffy stuff.”

  1. That is awesome. 😀 (Hey, in that close up of the Buffy lithograph, we can see you taking the pic! hehe You got caught on cam. 😛 )

    That is so cool they’ve done this for Robin, and what you do for her. I always find it intriguing when anyone can use creative outlets, forms of entertainment and what have you, as a kind of therapeutic device. It’s always made sense to me. That the Buffy folks and Joss Whedon show so much support to you and Robin is very cool. 🙂

    Take care, you two!

    Me xox

  2. Too many smilies and I repeated myself. LOL!

  3. Agreed, they’ve helped us so much, especially Robin. I owe a lot to them. And you CAN see me, LOL! Good thing I had clothes on, heheh. My beard needs a trim.

  4. pointy07 Says:

    That is so awesome — lassy doings, Dark Horse! Impressive collection of Whedobilia, Jerrod!

  5. pointy07 Says:

    Classy. Classy doings. Unlike my spellings. 😀

  6. Wow, quite an impressive collection, I am very jealous. You are very lucky. Saw the comic with Robin in and thought it was lovely. Congrats.

  7. Thanks, Rachel! Btw, this site is slowly going away as I transfer relevant posts to my newer site:

    Feel free to keep in touch over there! Just a heads up if you notice this post disappear in time.

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