Check out my Monster Name

I don’t usually bother with these things, but I thought this was funny:

Jogger-Eating, Redhead-Reaping Ogre from the Dungeon

Ravenous, Offensive Beast Inflamed by Nihilism

Sinister Knowledge-Urged Livestock-Lacerating, Villager-Injuring Nightmare from the Enchanted Sanctuary

Get Your Monster Name


4 Responses to “Check out my Monster Name”

  1. LOL Fucking awesome!

  2. hhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhaha (oh….) hmm. hahahahahahahhahahahahaha (Snort!) bwahahahahahahaha!

    (Did I tell you I thought that was hilarious?

  3. […] I know that to not be true, thanks to The Monster Name Decoder and Jerrod Balzer (whose blog is where I stumbled onto the name generator).  My name actually […]

  4. Sure, everyone else gets cool name. I’m just Zombie from the Ominous Earth. Feh. If anyone needs me, I just be munching braaaaaaaains in the corner. (-. – )

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