More cute stuff Robin does

We went to Wal-Mart the other day to pick up some meds, etc.  As soon as we walked in, I needed to use the restroom (why do I scarf down a big cup of coffee before leaving the house?).  She was to guard the cart just outside the door.  When I came out, she was gone but then I saw her running over to me like a happy little girl.

“I was gonna go swimming!”

I glanced to where she was coming from, and there was a plastic kiddy swimming pool near the service desk… empty.  I wondered if she was really going to jump in.

Anyway, we went to get our stuff and after the purchase was made, we were walking past the pool again.  I said, “Hey, there’s your old swimming hole!”

She looked at me like I was crazy.

Next, when we were only a few blocks from home, she said, “I’m seeing dead people.”

“Really?  Where?”

“There’s one on the corner and one keeps following me.”

“Sweetheart, how is one following you.  We’re in the car.  Is there a dead guy driving behind us?”

“No, he’s in the back seat.”

Okay, I know all that isn’t as cute as some other things, but I tried not to giggle a little.  It is logical, of course, that someone in the back seat would be following the person in the front, heheh.

Well, I told her they were just hallucinations and I would do something about it if they were real.  For that instance, it was all she needed to hear.  She had chocolate cake among the groceries, after all, and I only needed to remind her that she’ll be getting a piece once we were home 😉

One Response to “More cute stuff Robin does”

  1. The swimming pool one, I have done something similar in the past. I don’t see dead people though, just stupid ones. 😉

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