Be careful what you listen to in the shower.

So I’m getting ready to take a shower and I check the CD player.  Previously, I’d had Iron Maiden in there but Robin had changed it out for Buzz Ballads.  No problem, but I couldn’t remember what all was on it.  I clicked PLAY.  Live’s song, “Lightning Crashes.”  Killer song, that works.  I get in the shower.

A few minutes later, Robin is running in asking what’s wrong.  She heard me coughing and gagging.

I said, “An Oasis song came on and I tried to dance to it, but like a vampire drinking milk, my body rejected it.”

So, dear reader, be careful what you listen to in the shower.  I was lucky, but it may cost you your life.


3 Responses to “Be careful what you listen to in the shower.”

  1. LMAO! Hey, Oasis isn’t bad! >_<
    Says the geeky woman who has both John Denver AND the Bee Gees on her iPod. (-. -° )

  2. Zoe, you make me want to have Saturday Night Fever with you.

  3. LOL! SD, you would look awesome in a white leisure suit! ^_^ And that’s not just jive talkin’!

    But if we did go out, I’m sure I couldn’t keep up with you. In fact, I might have trouble staying alive! X^o

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