Robin Balzer on the Funky Werepig show!

My good friend and owner of Skullvines Press, S.D. Hintz, was on the Blogtalkradio show, The Funky Werepig last night.  Of course, I had to call in and give him a hard time.  The conversation carried into the after party segment of the show where everyone kicks back.  I had the show playing through the stereo system and Robin was enjoying it so much, she wanted to come on and say, “Hi!”

So, if anyone would like to finally hear what she sounds like, take a listen to the “SD Hintz” podcast HERE!  You can also download it (sometimes I have trouble getting sound from the site’s players).

While the show is well worth hearing from start to finish, Robin comes in at about the 92 minute mark.  You can hold your mouse on the progress bar of the player and bump it to around 90 minutes and catch it.  And so you know who else she’s talking to besides S.D., there’s Greg Hall (the crazy host) from Choate Road, Louise Bohmer, and R. Scott McCoy, chief editor of Necrotic Tissue, which is just going to its first print edition (get a subscription!).

**Now, if you just want the part with Robin, S.D. just put it up on the Skullvines podcast page HERE.

As a side note, shortly on the Metal Crypt, we have Scott Allie of Dark Horse Comics scheduled for June 24th at 5pm EST.  Providing Robin is up to it, I intend to bring Robin on to chat with him a bit.  She wants to thank him for all he’s done.


5 Responses to “Robin Balzer on the Funky Werepig show!”

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  2. That was awesome, Robin! You are right, mutual support is essential to marriage! I am glad you and Jerrod have each other, and I’m glad these are good days!

  3. Just noticed the link to this on whedonesque as I’m about to run out the door – so when I come back I’ll have a wee listen. Meanwhile, great to hear that things are going along good – yay for you two.

  4. Thanks QG! She’s been a lot more clear-minded lately which is fantastic. She usually has problems in September as the seasons start to change again, but if she can keep it up for at least a few months, that would be awesome.

    I’ll have Scott Allie on my show, The Metal Crypt, this Wednesday (next post up from this one). I hope to bring her on to say a few words to him. She really enjoyed TFW and hearing her voice when I play it back, so hopefully she’ll do all right.

  5. Just got back & listened.

    “We are who we are.” – Robin Balzer

    That’s a quote for the ages, and I oughta know. It’s going in my quote files.

    So good to hear Robin’s voice – our own real life Joss-appointed Slayer. My best vibes to you two always.

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