Finally! The State on DVD today!

Yes!  Before there was Reno 911, there was The State on MTV, starring much of the Reno 911 cast as well as the upcoming Michael & Michael on Comedy Central.

It was one of my favorite shows during the 90s.  It’s got some of the most memorable skits, like the Inbred Brothers, $240 worth of pudding, Doug, topless Martha Stewart show, the sideways house, and the one with the Rosemary (you’ll see).  I could go on…

I’ve heard there were some issues with the music so there will be some re-dubbing, but I don’t care.  The show is finally available!  Woohoo!

And… I’m too broke to get it .  I’m just thrilled that it’s at least out there now 🙂

3 Responses to “Finally! The State on DVD today!”

  1. I want to dip my balls in it!

  2. and if we’re talking pre Reno 911!, then don’t also forget Viva Variety! on Comedy Central. Didn’t last long, but I kind of liked it.

  3. Yep, and I didn’t like it as well as The State but it was still better than a lot of current stuff out there. I’m looking forward to Michael & Michael coming to Comedy Central. The previews look hilarious, with the weatherman saying, “Bite my butt.”

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