Got a baby rabbit on my hands

Opal, our terrier mix, got into a rabbit’s nest yesterday and started piling the dead babies in the middle of the yard.  Knowing it’s just her nature, I waited until she was inside, put them in a sack, and then in the garbage.

However, while mowing I caught movement off to the side.  I apparently had just missed the last (?) baby alive and she was trying so hard to get those little legs moving.  She has fur and her eyes are open, and I know that taking a wild baby rabbit in has practically 0 chance of survival, but I’m going to wait until night falls when the dogs are inside, and put her outside.  Hopefully Mama will call it and take it somewhere safer. My only concern is if this happens, what if Mama keeps her in the yard and Opal kills it anyway?  Well, the poor things chances of survival are slim either way and I can’t hold Opal’s behavior against her, and I won’t disallow her the freedom of her yard.

I’ve found no adult bodies around, and there’s some wire torn up on one of our fence gates.  My guess is she just got away and Opal tore up the gate trying to get to her.  Here’s a pic of the baby, along with a pick of what I believe to be the mother, taken a few weeks ago.

baby bunny

Mama bunny

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