Ugh, bad day for Robin

Robin has been doing so well since April, so I can’t complain.  But she’s been having a rough one today.  She started off the day by blurting out, “I’m going to Hell!”

Trying to make her smile, I just said, “I hope we do!  That’s where all the cool people go.”

During the radio show, she napped so there was no problem there.  She got up a few times and left the room, and I chased after her to make sure everything was okay.

Afterward, she said the circus was coming after us to put us back in the freakshow.  Then she went on about the voices saying they were coming to get us.

Then she thought she was 12 and her mother needed to pick her up.  Then she thought her name was Susannah.  She was swatting at flying insects that weren’t there.  And just recently, she said she’ll be buying a gun tomorrow to shoot the voices in the head, saying to them, “How do you like them fried apples?”

And of course, without supervision, someone in that state might end up blowing her head off because that’s where the voices are.  Or shoot other people, thinking they’re the voices.  It’s scary to think about.

Had to just stop typing because she got up from the couch (she took her night meds and was trying to go to sleep).  She approached me and said, “I need to get my gun so I can shoot the aliens that are in my stomach.  They’re eating my intestines.”

I told her there are no guns in the house (there aren’t) and helped her lay back down, saying I’ll get her something for her tummy ache.  She began to cry, “I don’t know where I am!”

That’s when the good ol’ Buffy came in handy.  I told her that I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her, and that Buffy & Willow have her back.  She looked confused, forgetting about the comic, so I showed it to her.  She gazed at the cover for a while, smiling, and started to come out of it.

I got her some chewables for her stomach and a little Excedrin for her headache along with cream soda.  After sitting with her for a while, I put music on to help drown out the voices and she’s going to try sleeping again.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be easier on her.  But I’ll be calling her doc since it’s good for him to know.

One Response to “Ugh, bad day for Robin”

  1. Thank God you are there for her, Jerrod! I know it makes all the difference.

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