Sorry I’ve been quiet

I haven’t posted a whole lot since Robin’s birthday.  Nothing really wrong, just very busy.  I thanked him in private, but I wanted to thank Pointy again for sending her a DVD of Dracula 2000. It’s a favorite of ours and Robin thinks Gerard Butler makes the hottest Dracula ever.  I, of course, love all the hot ladies in the cast.  But besides the eye candy, the movie rocks and has a neat twist on Dracula’s origin.  We’ve never bothered with the sequels.  Are they any good?

We also joined Netflix so we could catch up on movies we haven’t seen.  Lately, we watched Push (entertaining, but mostly consisted of moving around and plotting, very little action.  And it wasn’t original at all – think Firestarter and you have the gist), Wolverine (enjoyed it a lot – nothing mind-blowing but a fun action movie), Eagle Eye (loved it!), and we’ve been enjoyed Penn & Teller’s Bullshit series.

So, what’s been going on since?  Some of it is a secret, involving something big going on at Skullvines Press.  Don’t worry, it’ll be announced soon, and we’re really excited about it.

And guess what?  Robin hasn’t smoked in just over a month now!  She’s been on the patch, and she’s on Step Two now.  It’s been rough, but she’s hanging in there really well.  I thought for sure she’d end up in the hospital over all the stress, but she’s determined to make it work!  I have her ciggies in the safe, and she does demand one on occasion.  But hey, one every few days vs every hour is fantastic!  She’s been going on about how much better she can breathe when we take walks or go to the “Y.”  I am so extremely proud of her, but of course, this also requires me to spend tons of quality time with her (away from the computer) so she’s not dwelling on it.  That is a task I’m more than happy to fulfill.

Fall is here!  My favorite time of the year.  Ah but autumn, you’re a cruel mistress.  With it comes all the allergies that I suffer from.  My left eye is swelled and itchy as I type.  When school started, everyone in town got sick, it seems.  Kids with colds go to school, give it to all the other kids, then they all take it home to give the grown-ups… it happens every year.  But parents get so afraid to keep their children home on the first day.  Ah well.  We don’t have kids, but were around a lot of sniffling, sneezing people at the gas station, grocery store, etc.  And Robin was pretty sick for a bit.  I managed to stay ahead of it until the last time I mowed the lawn.  I had a nasty allergy attack, which kicked everything else off.  I was down with it bad until I was finally hooked up with some good drugs.  Then Robin got sick again, lol.

We’re much better now, though.  And oddly enough, I started staying awake during the day while sleeping at night.  For a large chunk of my life, I’ve always been a night owl, getting sick any time I tried to change my hours around.  I’m thrilled to have “normal” hours now, and hope it lasts for a good while.  It’s much easier when going to book signings, conventions, etc.  I don’t look like such a zombie and my blood sugar isn’t going wonky.

We’re getting the cloudy days and the leaves are starting to turn here and there.  I love being able to open the house up, even if the allergies screw with me.  It’s worth it.  The utility bills looks more attractive, too, with the dormant A/C.

I hope all is well with everyone else.

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