Angry Cats Sound So Weird

Okay, not only did this video about make me piss myself, but it reminds me of a funny story:

When Robin and I were still in Florida and just dating, she lived with/worked for an elderly couple living in the middle of an orange grove.  One night, while I was working night shift at a nearby hotel, she called me up, scared to death.

She said there were these horrible sounds coming from under the house, like screaming demons or something.  I asked for more detail and she likened them to really spooky kids.

My first suggestion was owls.  When I was 12, there was a period where owls would gather near my bedroom window in the middle of the night and yell like kids.  I knew what it was, but the noise would get into my dreams and turn into all sorts of scary monsters.

Nope, she was sure they were under the house, not next to it.  I asked her to mimic the sound, and then I echoed it to make sure.  She said, “That’s it!”  So I told her there were cats fighting under the house, so don’t get too worked up over it.

Relieved, she hung up to go back to sleep.

And… that still wasn’t it.  When she got up the next day, she told the elderly couple about it, and they said it was the peacocks that stroll through the groves from the neighbors’ place, and perch on the roof (not under the house, but I can see where it would be hard to tell) to make a bunch of noise.

But seriously, if you woke up and didn’t know what was making that weird sound, regardless of what it was, I can see how someone would jump out of their skin from it.


2 Responses to “Angry Cats Sound So Weird”

  1. Hi, the video is not working. There is another to see?

  2. Someone had removed it, but I found another (the same but without funny subtitles).

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