Hands are full today!

We needed to go grocery shopping today. It’s pouring rain so we didn’t want to travel the half hour to where the better stores were. So we grabbed what deals we could find locally. And the weather was causing Robin to have all sorts of episodes throughout. She was shaking her head around, saying something was in her hair when it was only rain droplets. And at one point, she pushed the cart nearly into the store manager’s office while I was comparing prices.

Overall, we got through it okay. A few cute moments (I thought) was when I put a gallon of milk in the cart, she put a half-gallon of chocolate milk in it, too. I knew it’d help how she felt, so that was cool. But then I saw they had some egg nog and mint chocolate milk out now, and she really lit up when I pointed it out. We got those instead of the regular chocolate.

Another was the strange looks we got when she started chanting, “Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill…”

Knowing she’s not that dangerous, I asked her, “Kill what?”

She said, “Kill 580..” rattling off a string of numbers while looking down at her bottle of cherry 7-Up. I looked at the cap and it read, “K11 580..” and so on. It’s funny how something so innocent as misreading a soda cap can look so scary to outsiders.

She’s taking a nap now, probably the best thing for her right now. And the roof appears to be leaking right above the computer… again. It’s not leaking through, but I hear the occasional tapping on the drop-ceiling. So I’ll be keeping my eye on that.

Well, back to work on Skullvines Press stuff! It’s a great stress reliever for me.

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