Robin thought I was dead last night

I was making supper last night (venison stew over egg noodles) and while normally I find ways of working without using knives – that way I don’t accidentally leave one around, unattended – I needed one for the round steak. Meanwhile, my brother was watching Bones in the next room. I took a quick bathroom break, forgetting to take the knife with me, and in that short amount of time, Robin grabbed the knife, pressed it against her wrist, and went into the living room, screaming at my brother, “Tell me where he is! Tell me where he is or I’ll do it, I swear! Jerrod is NOT dead!”

He was taking the knife from her when I came running into the room. She only had a tiny cut from the pressure so I put a band aid on it. Damn it, see why I just don’t use knives? I get so caught up in whatever I’m doing that it’s too easy to leave one sitting on the counter. I usually just do what I can with butter knives.

Anyway, on that particular episode of Bones, the guy who’d been killed was named Jerrod, so they kept talking about what was done to him and that he was dead. That was enough to set Robin off. When I put my hands on her shoulders, she whipped around, buried her face in my chest, and said, “If you die, I die.”

Afterward, I had a fun night with her as she knocked kitchen chairs over, etc. She also made herself some Kool-Aid and started screaming about all the blood. She’d used cherry flavored and the color as it mixed set her off.

Stressful day, and I still can’t shake these horrible headaches and muscle spasms from last week, so they don’t help. Doctor appointment is Friday.

Today is better, though, and Robin has been pretty busy around the house doing laundry and dishes. Those are the two main chores that she does around the house. No bleach for the laundry because she’s tried to drink it in the past, but she’s fine with detergent and dish soap for the dishes.

3 Responses to “Robin thought I was dead last night”

  1. You make Venison Stew? I am filled with admiration (and a tad hungry) (now).

    I don’t know how you could possibly keep track of every potential danger in the house, but God bless you for doing all that.

    And WTF, Bones, naming a character “Jerrod”? So unrealistic.


  2. It was my first try at the stew. While my mother was over preparing Thanksgiving dinner, I’d told her about the deer round steak I had in the freezer still, and she handed me a recipe for it. It took like three hours because I had more meat than I thought, and therefore made a much bigger pot than the recipe called for. But it was sooo good. I think we’ll be finishing it up for lunch today.

  3. I love egg noodles!

    OCD is nowhere near as bad a condition, but I can empathize with being blind-sided by triggers. Glad Robin is feeling better today : )

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