Reviews coming in!

Wow, it’s really awesome to get on the computer and see so many sweet reviews up! Check ’em out:

First, Rhonda Wilson reviewed my new novella, Zombie Bastard, on Monster Librarian. CLICK HERE to read it!

And it’s available at Horror Mall from Novello Publishers. CLICK HERE to order it!

Next up on Horror World, Dan Reilly reviews Dark Jesters, an anthology from Novello Publishers that has my story, “Wolf Plugs.” CLICK HERE to read it!

And it’s also available through Horror Mall. CLICK HERE to buy it!

And while you’re on the Horror World page, you’ll see that Ron Dickie reviewed K.H. Koehler’s Black Jack Derringer. It’s right below the Dark Jesters review.

Black Jack Derringer is available through Skullvines Press, and you can CLICK HERE to pick it up!

So now you know what to buy. Go get ’em! =P

One Response to “Reviews coming in!”

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t know about Zombie Bastard being out!! (Ordered, it now is!)

    Congratulations on getting deserved recognition, Jerrod!

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