Happy anniversary to us!

Our wedding anniversary is actually tomorrow, the 7th, but in case I’m not on the computer so much then, I’m saying it now.

We’ve been together ten years, and married for seven of them. And I wouldn’t trade ’em for anything.

We got ourselves Dollhouse Season One on Blu-ray (thanks to a heads up on Whedonesque when it was Amazon’s deal of the day) so we’ll be enjoying that all day, then have supper at a great new Chinese place that opened in Keokuk. She’s excited so it sounds like a plan to me!


4 Responses to “Happy anniversary to us!”

  1. Congratulations, Robin & Jerrod! Feeling pride just knowing you two. Enjoy the Chinese of Keokuk!

  2. Happy Anniversary! And have fun at Chinese food : )

  3. khkoehler Says:

    Happy Anniversary! And I love Chinese. Hey, do you know if you kill a ninja, he’s return to life after five minutes? (Bad Asian humor, I know.)

  4. That Chinese place was awesome! We’d tried it out in the afternoon, but the evening menu is usually a little different. They had crab legs, frog legs, and big chunks of New York steak! One plate full was nothing but crab and steak, and I was a happy camper.

    I talked to one of the ladies in charge, who kept saying, “You so tall! So tall! Much taller than me!” I thought it was adorable. But she moved here from China 6 1/2 years ago. I’m guessing it’s a family-run restaurant.

    Anyway, nice place! We had a wonderful anniversary of mostly cuddling in front of the TV before and after going out to eat. I bought her some of those little heart candies with sayings on them, and she enjoyed giving me messages through them. We were totally silly like that.

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