Happy Easter!

I’m working on my Easter tradition: finding bunnies in the yard and raping them. Gotta get them back for whatever they did to chickens to get those off-colored and chocolate-filled eggs. And don’t get me started on the little chicks-turned-marshmallow.

Other than that, I’ve had two spells since 3pm so I’m not doing much but listening to metal and playing the free demos I downloaded on the PS3 for Motorstorm and it’s sequel. Hot damn, I love those games! The sequel is new and pretty expensive, but the first is cheaper. If I get enough birthday money next month and can stay atop bills, I’m baggin’ that sucker. Then maybe the sequel will be down in price by Christmas. When recovering from this crap, it’s really nice to just sit and bash into other vehicles (and the occasional boulder). It helps my focus and lets loose some frustration, lol.

Robin’s doing good and being very supportive. Sherlock Holmes came in from Netflix the other day so we’re about to watch that… on second thought, Ithink I neeed to lie down.


One Response to “Happy Easter!”

  1. Happy Easter! (I know the bunnies are safe from you. Unless they start looking tasty. I mean for eating! As food!)

    Jerrod, I’m glad you have by your side, your mom near, and a doc working the case. Be well. I command it.

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