Reviews coming in!

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Wow, it’s really awesome to get on the computer and see so many sweet reviews up! Check ’em out:

First, Rhonda Wilson reviewed my new novella, Zombie Bastard, on Monster Librarian. CLICK HERE to read it!

And it’s available at Horror Mall from Novello Publishers. CLICK HERE to order it!

Next up on Horror World, Dan Reilly reviews Dark Jesters, an anthology from Novello Publishers that has my story, “Wolf Plugs.” CLICK HERE to read it!

And it’s also available through Horror Mall. CLICK HERE to buy it!

And while you’re on the Horror World page, you’ll see that Ron Dickie reviewed K.H. Koehler’s Black Jack Derringer. It’s right below the Dark Jesters review.

Black Jack Derringer is available through Skullvines Press, and you can CLICK HERE to pick it up!

So now you know what to buy. Go get ’em! =P


Visioncon 2010 pics!

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Okay, here’s some pics from last weekends Visioncon. We want to thank everyone who came out for making it such a blast, and the staff was top notch. Dave, the head honcho, did a fantastic job once again, and we look forward to next year!

S.D. Hintz and Cullen Bunn

Mark McLaughlin, Jerrod Balzer, S.D. Hintz, Russ Dickerson, & Cullen Bunn

Wrath James White and S.D. Hintz

Wrath James White and Jerrod Balzer

Roy C. Booth and Jerrod Balzer

Shane Moore (right) with his personal security guard, Josh

Help! Mark McLaughlin is in danger!

Jerrod Balzer and his meat stick

Brian Keene has a strange effect on Jerrod Balzer

Brian Keene and S.D. Hintz urinating on Jerrod's book

And there’s more elsewhere, for sure. Hope to see more of you next time!

Visioncon 2010 – Muay Thai

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I’m recovering from Vision 2010 in Springfield, MO, held last weekend. Wow, it was the best one yet! I had such an awesome time with S.D. Hintz, Mark McLaughlin, Cullen Bunn, Brian Keene, Wrath James White, Shane Moore, Roy, C. Booth, Mike Oliveri, Russ Dickerson, and many more.

I’ll get into other details later, but I wanted to mention how much fun Wrath’s Muay Thai fighting demonstration was. I have some pictures here of him with Mike Oliveri as his punching bag:

Here’s Wrath looking at me like I’m next:

Once the demonstration began, he starting knocking poor Mike all over the place:

To give Mike a break, Wrath then started picking random people out of the audience to maul:

And then back to Mike:

All kidding aside, Wrath was fantastic. He was very informative about Muay Thai – I learned a lot! I could see why he makes such a great trainer. And when the audience had questions, his offered detailed answers.

I’m thrilled to have attended his demonstration, and to see Wrath in action. Great job Wrath!

I’m gonna throw up…

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…from trying to watch a few minutes of District 9. Oh man, I was really looking forward to watching this movie but that shaky cam is too much.

What the hell were they thinking? It doesn’t make it look cool or more realistic. It only makes you nauseous and distracts you from the movie. I couldn’t focus on anything because the picture was being jerked around. And it wasn’t just the action. It was pretty nonstop. I skipped around through the movie to see if it got better, but finally stopped when I thought I’d literally hurl. Even now, I’m trying to keep from lurching.

Please tell me this isn’t the future of action movies!

ZOMBIE BASTARD is on the way!

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Get your gun and watch for dangerous boobies! My new novella is at the printers via Novello Publishers! Got a Kindle or other reader? There’s a digital edition, too!

Order the paperback at Horror Mall by clicking HERE or the digital edition HERE (you can download a free excerpt there, also), or you can email the publisher for information on direct paperback orders via PayPal:


A delayed curse is taking effect, engulfing a Missouri town with the undead. Leading the onslaught is a creature that lacks mercy or compassion, only an intense drive to see the curse through. Its fate was sealed years ago, simply for being born a…


Trevor is dealing with a curse of his own: he has the runs. On a desperate trek to visit his ailing mother, he searches for a decent place to relieve the pressure before moving on. All he wants is to have a movement in peace, but that Zombie Bastard won’t let him.

And that rockin’ cover art is by Caroline O’Neal!


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They’re apparently on the roof, despite Robin telling them to stay off. Better go deal with them.

A funny thing happened at Wal-Mart

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We were at Wal-Mart the other day to pick up some meds, and I stopped in the front restroom for a minute. When I walked in, a blind man was leaving a stall with his dark glasses and swinging his cane as he approached the sink to wash up. I wasn’t at the urinal long, so I went to the sink right as he was leaving.

Outside the doorway, I heard the cleaning guy asking the blind man if there was anyone else in there. He said, “No,” and walked on. The cleaning guy was getting his cart in position to block off the doorway while I was coming out. He let out a frustrated groan and pushed the cart back to let me through.

I bit my tongue and tried not to laugh. The dumbass asked a blind man if there was anyone else in the bathroom – I’m sure he didn’t see anyone! – and gets frustrated that I was inside. The cleaning guy had no one to groan at but himself.

I dunno. Maybe I should have farted or something to announce my presence.