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Killers vs Knight and Day

Posted in Films with tags , , , , , , , , on June 13, 2010 by Jerrod Balzer

I’ve only seen the trailer, but apparently, the plot is the boyfriend is a secret agent and the naive girlfriend learns of it, followed up by a funny adventure with the two of them:

Personally, I’ll stick with my old favorite because I doubt Killers can top it:

Or even Mr. and Mrs. Smith (except they’re assassins), where they fool each other.

That said, the new Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz movie looks fun, but it also doesn’t rip off the others because there’s no apparent deception. In fact, it looks pretty fresh with an agent who’s lost his marbles attaching himself to an innocent (I know, same plot as The Matador [except Brosnan is an assassin] but this still feels a lot different than that).

I love these kinds of movies, though, so I’ll probably end up watching them both when they’re on blu-ray. I’m just less enthused about Killers than I am Knight and Day, judging by the trailers.


Happy Halloween!

Posted in Life with tags , , , , , , on October 31, 2009 by Jerrod Balzer

From our house to yours, we hope you have a happy and safe Halloween.

We’ve been trying to catch up on scary movies we hadn’t seen yet. We watched the Friday the 13th remake and enjoyed it (it was a Jason movie, so we weren’t expecting anything but a fun slasher flick).

Then we watched Drag Me to Hell and loved it.  However, it did scare the piss out of Robin.  Besides all the excellent jump scenes, it had a woman hearing voices, seeing horrible things, and having a demon outside her house, working to break in after her.  If anyone wants a glimpse into Robin’s everyday life, that’s it right there.  So I kept a close eye on her as we watched, stopping it on occasion to calm her down.  She wanted to continue watching it, though.  She enjoyed the actress’ performance, wanted to see if she made it okay, and thinks Justin Long is cute.

I’d had Trick ‘r Treat next on the Netflix queue, but thought maybe I should cool it with the spooky stuff and bumped up the new Transformers movie instead.  That said, we may watch some less threatening flicks that have Halloween-ish atmosphere, like maybe Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Sleepy Hollow.  They don’t scare her and they’re among our favorites.

As for trick or treaters, we got some candy but she doesn’t want to put the light on.  She’s worried about the dogs freaking out too much, and I’m a little worried about her having episodes during all of it.  During them, she already thinks monsters are outside trying to get her, so imagine if she looks outside and sees “monsters” knocking on the door.  She loves the kids, though, so I’ll go along with whatever she feels like at the time.

Yesterday was a perfect, gorgeous Halloweeny day.  After nasty thunderstorms all day Thursday, it was cloudy, 50s-60s, and windy.  We stepped outside, and the sun was peeking out with leaves of all colors and sizes racing about.  Very cool.

We went to our bank because they had it decorated really well and the tellers were all dressed up.  They also had lots of cookies, brownies, punch, etc available for the customers.  Robin was all over that!  There were cookies shaped like fingers and all kinds of fun stuff.  They did a great job!  There were some door prizes to sign up for, too, and one teller held out a pumpkin full of worms.  She said, “Reach in for a worm.  If you get a gray one, you win a prize.”  Robin was leery of reaching in for worms, so I did it first and got a red one.  Once she could see they were gummi worms, she tried it and got a gray one!  So she got a nice mug that she was very pleased with.

Tonight, the bank will have hot dogs and hot cocoa, and she wants to go back for that.  They’re all so nice there.

Even if our lights are off, some friends will bring kids by for candy, so there will be a little fun there, regardless.  And tonight, I intend to watch the live Ghost Hunters.

Don’t forget to set your clocks back!!!