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Regarding the Skullvines forum

Posted in News, Skullvines Press with tags , , , , , , , on April 16, 2010 by Jerrod Balzer

A lot of you now know what happened to the Skullvines forum but some may not, so I thought I’d offer the details.

But first off, please accept my sincere apologies. While there was one point to the crash where an error message came up saying, “Hacker?” I think it was something I did.

Since I was on Skype with S.D. discussing opening a new store at the time, he was there when it happened. I was upgrading it to the latest version, which involved getting into the server and messing with files there. Something went wrong and it was most likely user error on my part. It was also my first day of being on depakote, so I probably shouldn’t have been screwing with anything too complicated.

Going from memory, this is approximately how our Skype conversation went down:

JB: Got the upgrade done, and all seems okay.

SD: Great!

JB: Wait, where’d the news feed go?

SD: Hm, I can’t embed YouTube videos anymore.

JB: I bet the mods that allow that stuff didn’t take well to the upgrade. Wait, there’s a bunch of gibberish at the top of the screen now.

SD: I see that? I wonder what it is.

JB: I’ll uninstall those mods to see if it goes away… nope, now there’s more.

SD: Could it be something with the theme? Maybe we should try another.

JB: Yeah, I’ll switch to the basic theme for now… Nope still there. And I can’t switch back to any other themes now! What the hell?

SD: Man, that’s weird. Can’t we re-install?

JB: I’m worried we’d lose all the posts. I can’t seem to get back-up working.

SD: Damn.

JB: Shitty SMF.

SD: They’ve been giving us problems since day one. There was another software to use, wasn’t there? Maybe we should us that, instead.

JB: Good idea! I only went with SMF cuz I love the Twisted Sister song of the same name… Hey, I have an idea! Since we just created the site for the new store we’re getting ready for, let’s start the new forum there. It would make more sense to have it in a store so all the customers and companies can hang there.

SD: But the store isn’t ready yet.

JB: True, but we could have the forum going and work on the store from there. Everybody knows we do things ass-backwards, anyway.

SD: I agree. Let’s do it.

JB: And I can try to copy/paste as many cool posts from the old and bring them to the new, so a lot of that hard work isn’t lost. We could let the users do it, too, if they want. Then kill the old one after that.

SD: Sure, if they want to do that. It’s a good option.

JB: Wait, it’s not there anymore. Now there’s just a bunch of error crap all over the screen. I think it’s crashed and burned.

SD: Oh shit. Well, I’ll let people know. They’ll be asking what happened.

JB: Just blame me. I’m sure I did something wrong.

SD: And what’s funny is you were able to get a message on the news feed saying, “We’re upgrading. Let us know if anything goes apeshit.”

JB: Ha! Well, I think it did. Just tell everyone I burned it to the ground.

So there you have it. The paranoid part of me is concerned that people will thing it was done on purpose just to move it to the store’s site. Not true. I put a lot of hard work into that site, as well as all the users. There were great posts there that I (and I’m sure others) would dread trying to recreate. So it was far from intentional. But with the new one, I’ve already done an upgrade and it went perfectly. It’s a much easier program to work with, so I don’t think we’ll have a repeat. And it’s like SD said to me, “It’s the Internet where shit like this can happen at anytime, unfortunately. Everyone knows we work hard to keep the entertainment level as high as we can, and we’d never want to fuck that up on purpose.”

The store-in-progress is The Merchant’s Keep and we already have a lot of stores preparing to work with us. It will sell all genres on a consignment basis, and we’ll take a smaller cut than most (if not all) other stores. We figure stores get too greedy and therefore cut the throats of small presses, who are having enough trouble keeping afloat in today’s market.

If you’d like to watch the store being built, CLICK HERE. We’ll announce when it’s ready. Right now, we’re currently getting the Skullvines books up there while we wait on other companies’ products to arrive. Once it’s live, we intend to kill the bookstore at the Skullvines site – it will go back to descriptions of our titles with links to buy at the store. There’s really no sense in running two bookstores, selling identical products, when they come from the same place.

Oh! And CLICK HERE to go to the new forum. I believe the bugs are worked out, but let us know if you find any. This one is also more compatible with various browsers, where the old one wasn’t.

We appreciate your understanding and patience. We’ll try to make everything as smooth as possible, and in the end, we believe it will have improved things. We’re expanding, after all, and just in time for the 3rd anniversary of Skullvines Press!


Calling DL Snell on The Funky Werepig

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A few weekends ago, S.D. Hintz, Mark McLaughlin and I were back at my house from Visioncon, and we decided to call in to the Funky Werepig and mess with them. D.L. Snell happened to be the guest that night and he was a great sport! S.D. made the call into a YouTube video using pictures from Visioncon:

Visioncon 2010 pics!

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Okay, here’s some pics from last weekends Visioncon. We want to thank everyone who came out for making it such a blast, and the staff was top notch. Dave, the head honcho, did a fantastic job once again, and we look forward to next year!

S.D. Hintz and Cullen Bunn

Mark McLaughlin, Jerrod Balzer, S.D. Hintz, Russ Dickerson, & Cullen Bunn

Wrath James White and S.D. Hintz

Wrath James White and Jerrod Balzer

Roy C. Booth and Jerrod Balzer

Shane Moore (right) with his personal security guard, Josh

Help! Mark McLaughlin is in danger!

Jerrod Balzer and his meat stick

Brian Keene has a strange effect on Jerrod Balzer

Brian Keene and S.D. Hintz urinating on Jerrod's book

And there’s more elsewhere, for sure. Hope to see more of you next time!

July 4th pics!

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I spent the weekend at S.D. Hintz‘s house along with Rich Ristow and Mark McLaughlin, and we had a wild time with lots of great folks during CONvergence ’09.

Now, I’m not much of a camera person.  I don’t like carrying one around everywhere.  So I didn’t get any at the actual convention.  However, I did take several while at SD’s July 4th barbecue.  We had a blast, R. Scott McCoy was a hit with the absinthe he brought along.  We were also thrilled that Roy C. Booth, Rob Callahan, and the gorgeous MontiLee Stormer were able to stop by.

So here are some pics, along with a Burger King pic that Rich took while we made fun of a typo:



Mark McLaughlin

Mark McLaughlin

R. Scott McCoy with Lucid absinthe

R. Scott McCoy with Lucid absinthe

S.D. Hintz and Mark McLaughlin

S.D. Hintz and Mark McLaughlin

S.D. Hintz with Roy C. Booth

S.D. Hintz with Roy C. Booth

Mark McLaughlin in negotiations with Jerrod Balzer

Mark McLaughlin in negotiations with Jerrod Balzer

R. Scott McCoy and Rich Ristow

R. Scott McCoy and Rich Ristow

Rob Callahan and MontiLee Stormer

Rob Callahan and MontiLee Stormer

Rich Ristow and S.D. Hintz

Rich Ristow and S.D. Hintz

We ate, drank, and were very merry.  Thanks for the fun weekend, everybody!  And that includes all those I didn’t get pictures of like Brian Keene, Cynthia Booth, Ashanti, and everyone else I neglected to mention.  You all rock, and make me wish I carried my camera more.

Robin Balzer on the Funky Werepig show!

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My good friend and owner of Skullvines Press, S.D. Hintz, was on the Blogtalkradio show, The Funky Werepig last night.  Of course, I had to call in and give him a hard time.  The conversation carried into the after party segment of the show where everyone kicks back.  I had the show playing through the stereo system and Robin was enjoying it so much, she wanted to come on and say, “Hi!”

So, if anyone would like to finally hear what she sounds like, take a listen to the “SD Hintz” podcast HERE!  You can also download it (sometimes I have trouble getting sound from the site’s players).

While the show is well worth hearing from start to finish, Robin comes in at about the 92 minute mark.  You can hold your mouse on the progress bar of the player and bump it to around 90 minutes and catch it.  And so you know who else she’s talking to besides S.D., there’s Greg Hall (the crazy host) from Choate Road, Louise Bohmer, and R. Scott McCoy, chief editor of Necrotic Tissue, which is just going to its first print edition (get a subscription!).

**Now, if you just want the part with Robin, S.D. just put it up on the Skullvines podcast page HERE.

As a side note, shortly on the Metal Crypt, we have Scott Allie of Dark Horse Comics scheduled for June 24th at 5pm EST.  Providing Robin is up to it, I intend to bring Robin on to chat with him a bit.  She wants to thank him for all he’s done.

L.L. Soares on The Metal Crypt!

Posted in The Metal Crypt with tags , , , on December 2, 2008 by Jerrod Balzer

All right.  The Thanksgiving break is over and we’re coming back hard this Wednesday.

*Thanks, Alkilyu, for helping me with the touch-ups on the above picture

You seriously don’t want to miss this show, which airs from 4-6pm Eastern Standard Time on Hard Rock Radio Live.

You can tune in on their site or CLICK HERE to go straight to the stream, using your preferred media player.  If you’ve got Internet access, you can listen to it, which plays 24/7 and is among the top ten internet radio stations.  It’s also available on PSPs and iTunes (under Hard Rock).

On this show, we’ll have L.L. Soares! We had him on a few months ago, but there were some technical difficulties so it wasn’t recorded.  That really sucked, but everything was cool this time!  LL is unable to make it during the show’s airtime, so we’d pre-recorded the interview.  So I can already tell you that it is off the hook! This one was so bad that Badslayer will need to do some editing before it airs.  If you’ve heard any of our other shows, you know it must be pretty insane to require that.

Remember the one about S.D. Hintz getting the phone call, acusing him for being a car thief?

Well, we called S.D. up and L.L. used his Mr. T impersonation to screw with him.  The show spiraled into chaos from there.  So don’t miss out!  Tune in at 4pm (we’re live and when it’s just Badslayer and myself, it’s not recorded, so there is plenty of fun to listen in on) and we should be kicking on the LL interview at around 5pm, maybe a little before or after, depending on how long it ended up being.

This is sure to be talked about for a long time, so be sure to catch it if you can!

Check out S.D. Hintz’s blog, too!

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My partner in slime is also on WordPress, so be sure to check it out! I intend to shoot over there often to give him a hard time.  That could get interesting.